How It Works

Depending on the scale and requirements of any project, we have the expertise and know-how to provide our clients with a range of services that will cater for them. Below you will find our meticulous and careful methodology, which ensures the successful execution of any project and the satisfaction of our clients.


1. Planning

When you decide the building works you require, our head project manager will give you a free consultation and evaluation. This can be carried out in the comfort of your own home so that we get a sense of the space and to learn more about what works you would like carried out and how we can best make use of the space within your budget.


2. Consultation

Once we have agreed to a project fee, this includes a detailed breakdown of your project costs, we begin planning the project. Where necessary, we will deal will all planning permissions required and set out a plan of action. This will include a project timeline and outline exactly what you can expect from us. At this point our architects and engineers will do a complete evaluation of your property to create the blueprints for design.

Once you have agreed to proceed with the contract, our dedicated team will ensure that the necessary paperwork and planning is created to your individual specifications we discussed. including, that your build meets all the necessary building regulations.

Our Building Control representative ensures that all local authority and standard building regulations are met.

3. Structural Drawing

This is part of the design process which will take approximately two weeks to complete. Our in-house architects will be working hard to create complete architectural drawings to ensure that all construction is up to modern housing standards. The building team will be heavily involved in the drawings process as they will need to advise the architect on the structural side of the project. We will then have another consultation with you to go through the final drawings to ensure you are completely satisfied with the work that will take place. We can also make any last changes to the drawings at this consultation.


4. Construction

The most important part of the whole process, each project timing is unique to the project being undertaken. We will outline the timings, with a description, of each part of the project in the project plan. During the construction period, we will carry out all major works on your property, finishing with plumbing and electrics.

We understand the importance of keeping you informed of your build’s progress during the life of the project, therefore our dedicated Project Manager will ensure a completely smooth transition throughout the build.


5. Finishing

We work with the finest trade specialists to ensure your build is finished to the highest of standards.

We will carry out a final inspection with you to ensure that you are completely satisfied with all the work we have carried out.