Northlome Road

This property, in 23a Northlome Road, was a full flat refurbishment and was in need of a complete refresh. The client invited us to come in and assess the property, looking for recommendations on what could be done to modernise and reinvigorate their home. Once this was completed, it was then a question of agreeing a specification and scope of works in order to fully satisfy the client’s needs, which was done during the design stage.

The work carried out included work throughout the whole flat. This meant all the wiring and plumbing was redone, installation of both a new kitchen and bathroom, flooring/carpeting and heating systems (new boiler). All the painting and decorating was suggested for the client (and subsequently carried out) by Linx D&B, creating a beautiful new home environment with warm and cosy tones.

The furniture was also included as part of the scope, meaning our Linx Joinery division could create some wonderful bespoke furniture for the Client – maximising every square meter of space within the flat with custom cabinetry and seating. On top of this, the parquet flooring adds some class to the flat, completing the transformation from boring and dull to bright and vibrant.

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